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I am a newbie and trying to get into MB'ing. Wanted to get something for < 400-450; can stretch out to 500. ( thought about used, but not so bike savvy so will not know how to check the condition of bike besides there is not much going on in my local CL, so this is out of the question).
So, test drove these 2:
Giant Talon 27.5 ($520):
Talon 27.5 5 (2014) (2013) - Bikes | Giant Bicycles | United States

Spec Hardrock 29er ($470):
Specialized Bicycle Components

Haven't tested this Giant Revel ($360):
Revel 3 (2014) - Bikes | Giant Bicycles | United States

Mostly I will be using bike in paved road ( for exercise etc) and
looking for wkend/holiday fun in trails ( beginners ones to start with) as well.
The spec 29er felt a bit faster in gravel where i tested it, which I would want (something faster) in a paved path.
I want something for both worlds without breaking the bank.

If I will get into MBing seriously, which bike would be good to upgrade (component wise) for future?

Would appreciate if you guys could give your opinions on these three. As a newbie, I am confused!! :???:


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All 3 bikes have different wheel sizes so the bigger wheel will feel slow starting but fast when you get moving, from those bikes I would go with the Talon. The Talon come with knobby tires that can be changed with slicks for asphalt riding, the hardrock has low profile knobbies that are good on the asphalt too.

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Don't get to hung up on parts ,at whatever price point the parts will be pretty much the same. Buy the bike that fits ,from the shop that you like .Check the beginner forum top of the page for info.
Buy the bike you feel the most comfortable with. If you are comfortable you will ride!!! That's the most important thing!
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