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Taller guy on a Blindside

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Hello out there! This is actually my first post so bare with me. I have a question about bike setup. I've been riding AM and XC for several years now and I've decided to get into DH/FR. Two trips to whistler last summer will do that I suppose. I've always wanted to build up my own bike so I figured this would be my chance. I was able to get a really good deal on a slightly used 2008 Blindside frame on eBay so that's what I'm starting with. The frame is a large and I'm looking to do a dual crown setup. I know that the effective top tube on the Blindside is a bit on the shorter side (23.6"). So I'm wondering since I'm about 6'3" and have some seriously long arms (6'6" wing span) what should I be looking for in a stem/bar setup? Also, if I go the Boxxer route should I be looking for a short or a tall crown? Lastly, is there any advantages/disadvantages to going with an offset seat post?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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Theres a few post that have a bit of an offset, like the raceface and some others, Do not get a setback post, just one with a offset clamp. Stem, definitely go with a Boxxer Direct mount, there are few out there with 45/50/55mm adjustable. Wide bars will help your long arms and make the cockpit feel a bit roomier. The Blindside has a 120mm headtube, so you will want the short crown.
Enjoy your new rig, post pix when you get it done!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
you're not that bad. I'm 6'2 and was just fine actually on a medium. My armspan is only 6'4 but def try out different bar/stem combos. I usually run medium transitions with dirty 30's and 50mm stems and i'm just fine. Chad's def right, wider bars will feel better def. Atlas and boobar are larger than 30 if 30 is too small.
Thanks for the quick response! This is great info. I'll let you know how the build goes.
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