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Tallboy Suspension: Fox vs. RS

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I'm seriously considering purchasing a SC Tallboy. I've notice on SC's website they offer the bike in a couple of different built up configurations. One has decent components and Rock Shox suspension. The other has better components with Fox suspension.

I have no problem with the decent components. So, to keep this an apples to apples comparison, I'm using the Tallboy RXC complete package vs. the Price Matrix R xc 29 kit.

My question has to do with the suspension. The Rock Shox is Monarch 3.3 shock and Reba SL 29 fork. The Fox is Float RP23 shock and F29 RLC fork.

How do the two compare? Is the Fox that much better or is it worth considering the Rock Shox?

For the record, based on their web prices, the bike with the Fox suspension (and similar components) would cost $632 more.

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I recently was in the same dilemma, obviously price was the main the issue. I had the opportunity to demo a XT build with a Fox 120 fork. Totally never expecting to fall in love with the 120 set up especially how many reviews came out initially claiming the 100 was the way to go.The bike is dialed and the 120 fork set up is a blast to ride w/o any noticeable penalty. If you can put the extra money together I would def suggest going the Fox route with either the 100 or 120. I would also suggest finding a LBS that carries SC, I'm sure they can work with you on the price especially in this economy.
I am going to kind of go the other way........I built mine up with a Fox F100 and the Monarch. I have been totally happy with the Monarch out back. The mid-Gate and full-Gate definate changes the feel of the bike.......I know last year's RP23 was valved so the propedal didn't do much....not sure about the '10.

I put the Fox F100 on my bike because I had it from my previous bike. It just never seemed as plush as my older Reba. So I went with an '09 Reba Team 120. So much more plush than the Fox I had.

Yes the Fox forks/shocks are pricier, but I would not necessarily call them better. IT all comes down to personal choice.

Also, when you are looking at the prices on the SC website.....the complete bike prices like on the R/XC Complete, are going to be lower than if you go through the price Matrix. SC offers a nice discount if you do thier pre-built complete bikes, compared to the pick your frame/fork/shock/kit price.

The normal price for the RXC kit going through the price Matrix would be $3892 spec'd identicle to the complete bike. So you are getting a $293 discount by doing with thier "As Is" complete bike.
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I agree. I'm OK with the parts spec of the R/XC group.

But to go with that spec and the Fox would mean I need to go into the price matrix. As opposed to the complete bike if I went with RS.

For the price difference, I'm leaning towards the complete bike. Either I'll see if the LBS will give me a deal if I swap the RS for Fox before I even take the bike. Or, ride teh RS for a year then upgrade.

Or, maybe I'll like the RS and just keep riding it.

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