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Tall in the saddle: but which one?

Okay, time for a new saddle. I have a WTB SST 2K, and before that a SST 98. Pretty good seats. Love the drop nose. But, ahem, maybe the Love Channel thing would be good, and even if that is a gimmick, maybe a more comfortable seat in general would be a plus.

So thinking of the WTB Pure and Laser.

Anyone able to comment on the differences? Both are bigger than the Rocket, which I think would be a good thing.

If it matters, I ride rough XC on 4" rear travel bike. More comfort would be good, unless there are drawbacks. I think Stealth version of either of these would be lighter than my 2K. I have a 33 in waist, 185 lbs. plus so not a skinny skinny racer. Getting off the back / on the nose is critical to my style, but I think the Rocket is too small.

Don't want "white" like Pure Stealth, but have seen ads for black Pure "Stealths" and even "Teams" that were allegedly same weight.

No intention of paying $120, so LBS is not a fair option...if any LBS's here even have such nice saddles. In other words, no try n' buys available.

Any comments / suggestions?
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