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Talk to me about riding in the Fraser Valley

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Haven't ridden up there in years. Totally forget what are the good rides (Zoom? Flume? Tipperany Creek?) Are these rideable yet?

Anyone have a suggestion for a good three-to-four hour ride for Saturday?
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We rode the Tipperary Creek loop on Sunday and it was awesome (see link above). There were a few stretches of mud on the Chainsaw trail, but besides that, it was in great shape. There's nothing really technical on the whole loop. The climb up Tipperary Creek trail is a few miles long but is pretty moderate compared to most front range climbing. We parked on CR73 where the Northern Passage Trail intersects, and after doing the loop described in the link above, we also added in a few miles out-n-back along the Creekside trail. The one bike that had a cyclometer said that we put in about 22 miles, but I have a feeling it was more like 24.
+1 to the Tipperary race course and versions thereof. If you start and finish at Totally Wired Cycles, you can get up to 30 miles in, start with a triple espresso, and end with NY stye pizza. Second day suggest some lift service riding at WP or SV, or explore the SV trail system under your own power.
moosehead said:
or explore the SV trail system
I've heard good things about that - how many miles are back there?
Nice. Thanks for the beta.

Everything up there is riding awesome. Last weekend was GORGEOUS! The Tipperary Creek ride is a classic. The other notion would be to ride bits and pieces of the other WP race courses up there (Tipperary Creek is the King of the Rockies course), because it really hits some of the best known trails in the valley. You can see the various courses at The XC Super Loop from Saturday was just a blast and would be a killer, killer "fun" ride, as opposed to a race. Shoot me an email if you want more detail. I'd offer give you a tour, but we're renting out the condo this weekend.
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