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I am sure this has been discussed a few times but I wonder if there is some fresh opinion comparing the Fox Vanilla and Talas. I am picking up a 2004 R, with the idea of installing an ID cartridge, and I need to decide between the two. I am a bit resistent to the idea of an air fork (my bias): what the Vanilla does better?

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artnshel said:
I'm interested too, I should go coil to match my rear but want the travel adjustment of the Talus.
The TALAS does have something of a coil like feel to it. It is not as buttery smooth as a coil, (though it is close enough for me) but it is very linear in feel. I find it to be a better match for my coil sprung Heckler than the Z1 FR coil I used to run on it. I went with the TALAS largely for the travel adjustment which I find more useful than the eta on the Z1.

I can't really comment on the Vanilla.


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I have an 02' vanilla and an 03' Float

TALAS stands for Travel Adjustable Liniar Air Spring.

So the two forks you are talking about are the Vanilla and the Float.

Vanilla is coil, feels like coil, very stiff and rides great, with a lockout it's a great fork for a bike with coil/coil (my opinion is always match coil/coil or air/air, it just makes a bike "feel" better, just my opinion)

Float is air sprung, feels very close to my Vanilla, but "still feels" like an air fork. If you do a lot of steep, long mountain uphill grinds and must have the adjustable travel, maybe the Float is best for you. If your bike is setup with the geomerty to allow 4 or 5 inch travel fork and still climb well with a lockout, and you want to have a coil/coil setup, go with the Vanilla.

I like them both, it's somewhat personal opinion as to what "YOU" will like best.
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