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Hi all,
I just recently got me a 2007 Fox Talas fork (140mm) to even out the new 5.5" spot rockers. 5 ride so far. Pressure & rebouind were set to give me a proper sag and make good use of the travel (60psi, 3 clicks from fully open rebound). Overall, the 5.5" rockers and fork transformation has pronouncedly improved my spot.

The talas fork is a really nice one (I am enjoying it more than the 2005 Vanilla), BUT it has a distinct topping out feeling when on the 140mm travel that is driving me nuts on up-hills.

This does not happen in the 120mm/100mm settings, but is very clear on the 140mm. And its clear regardless of the rebound/compression/lockout settings. (not that the lockout has received any use,,,).

The local Fox distributors completely opened it up, stated they couldn't find anything and put it back again. On the other hand, I called Fox's technical support line and they state it does not sound normal at all.

Is this a normal Talas trait? If not, have any of you had a similar experience and can help me? Thanks!!
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