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Sorry, but I'm too lazy and don't know the right keywords to go searching for any of the previous threads - if anyone has the links, I'd be much obliged.

Meanwhile...I'll be setting up a 2005 Talas RLC for a 110 lb rider in about a week, and wondered if there's anything I ought to think about prior to mounting the fork. Is it worth changing the oil to a lighter and/or heavier weight right out of the box? What air pressures are a good starting place? Also, are the '05 seals any better than previous models, or should I, as long as it's getting torn down, change the seals to Enduros right away too? For what it's worth, the fork will be used on a custom steel SS, designed for moderate trail use, and will probably be run in the 90 - 100mm position most of the time, with assumedly brief forays into 130mm mode. Thanks - S
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