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I've just rebuilt an '07/'08 32mm Talas II RL, and the hand dyno step isn't working this time.

Following the instructions:
-I've turned the TALAS adjuster assembly FULL IN, and then backed it off a half a turn.
-Compressed the shock and measured to make sure it is at lowest travel.
-Turned in until first jump (this happens at about a sixth of a turn)
-Turned in until second jump (this happens at about a third of a turn)
-Turned in additional 2 degrees so that detent ting dowels fit into adjuster screw
-Put the detent ring, ball bearing, and lever back on as instructed.

The problem is that the ball bearing is nearly visible when the fork is set to the lowest travel. It looks like with some play it could fall out.

So, basically the jumps are happening too soon. I thought I remembered from the last rebuild that the jumps happened at like a third of a turn and 2/3 of a turn.

Any suggestions on what is causing this to happen? I've started from scratch 3 times now.

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