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Talas 36 vs Vanilla 36 remind me again

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Okay everybody, refresh my memory. How much better is a coil fork over a air. I know it has been gone over a thousand times. Dump my Talas 36 and get a coil fork? Happy Holiday...Thanks for your time.
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Or get a float 36 but dump the talas
Vannila has less stiction and a more progressive ramp up than the Talas so less fall through the travel then ramp up harshly as the Talas's and there small air chamber do.

The Float sits between the 2 for ride quality.

The Vannila issue is though, there aren't enough coil weights if you fall between a coil weight like a mate of mine has then your bottoming out or not getting near full travel.

You lose the travel adjust aswell, just incase.

Go for the Floats and the more accurate setup potential!!
Talas is useful for steep and/or technical climbs. About 5-10% of the time for me. If you don't need to climb, get the Van or Float (if worried about weight).

Good advice, thanks everyone. Back on track now, will lose the Talas in a couple of weeks. Time to venture out and try something new.
Turveyd said:
The Float sits between the 2 for ride quality.
how does a Float ride different than a Talas?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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