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Our company, Intermap Technologies, will be releasing inexpensive maps you can download to your computer and print on your home printer. We're gathering feedback, and I'm posting on a few forums to ask Colorado recreational maps users to log on, download a few maps, and take a quick survey. These aren't specifically for biking, but for general outdoor use.

If you're interested, log into the following site and use the pointer tool to select quads in Colorado. The prices are set to $0 (free) until Friday, December 19th, for the purposes of the test market. Maps are in PDF format, and be aware that we're having some bug issues with Mac users. Otherwise, there are no catches or ulterior motives- just one follow-up email with a link to the market research survey.

Thanks for helping out! :thumbsup:

Map Store:

User Name: bcamp

Password: AccuTerra2.0

We will be rolling out paper maps for the rest of the country over the next few months; so if you're not a CO rider, check back at for your state. BTW, we do sell digital maps for Magellan devices, and soon to be Bushnell and other GPS manufacturers....

Thanks ~

Josh Parker
Marketing Manager
Intermap Technologies, INC
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