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Take it up a notch....

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I am a weekend warrior that enjoys riding wide open XC trails but prefers to rip it up, down the steeps and jumps and technical stuff. I'm currently riding a 2003 Jamis Dakar XLT 1.0. I love this bike, how ever it's getting up there in years and I want to take it up a notch as far as performance. I am recently in the market for a new ride and I am having some trouble deciding on which bike would best suit me.
I am looking at the following bikes; Mongoose Khyber Super, Giant Reign X0, Iron Horse 6.6, and the Specialized SX Trail I or II. It seems the more I read up on these bikes, the more confused I get. :???: I WANT ONE BIKE THAT WILL DO IT ALL, climb, jump, descend! :madman:

Can anyone offer advise?
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I can advise you that one bike will never do it all.

Sorry it sucks I know.

edit: actually one bike has to do it all when it's the only bike you have. but i'm trying to say that there's always a bike that's more appropriate and specialized for any given situation.
a blur LT with a travel adjustable 160mm fork.. or any similar 5 inch bike with a 160mm adjustable fork
Gt Sanction!! I Have One And It Does Do It All... Full Ride Report Soon!
Here's my custom built Knolly Endorphin. This bike was chosen after evaluating > Intense Tracer VP (awesome too) Marin Mount vision 5.9, Titus Motolite, Giant Reign X, SC Nomad.

Really glad I chose the Knolly. Its not often you can call the owner and chat with him about what bike to buy. Customer service is exceptional.

With this heavy build the bike comes in at 32 lbs. It's very fast, super stable, ultra stiff, climbs well descends better.

After riding a banshee Scream at 50+ lbs and a Giant Faith my AM rides, I do not miss the extra travel those bikes had but love the nimbleness and reduced weight of the Knolly.

Worth a look if your budget permits :thumbsup:


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jayflo0800 said:
I WANT ONE BIKE THAT WILL DO IT ALL, climb, jump, descend!
I have arrived to a conclusion that there is no such bike, so I have set up two, one pushing 35lb and strong enough to take it, another an under 20lb titanium hardtail. I pick one for a particular ride and enjoy them both. Each also has a spare wheelset with different tires, and a choice of pedals - either platforms, or clipless. I keep a different saddle with a non-adjustable seatpost for the AM bike for longer rides, and I plan to have a spare air-shock to swap with the coil.

I do not think I will attempt to assemble a single do-it-all anymore. In fact I need a third one - mid-weight short travel 29r for marathon rides.
Does anybody have information regarding the 09' Mongoose Khyber Super? Please come forward. They claim the bike thrives on steep lines, yet allows for "self shuttle" back to the top. I have to admit I'm intrigued. :skep:

Thanks again.
stay away from iron horse...

dont get me wrong, i currently own an IH and do enjoy riding it (kind of have to since its my only bike), but once they went belly up....i have been very hesitant on taking it to 'the next level' because i cant afford this bike to break due to no replacement parts and i cant afford a new frame. well maybe if i find a steal on ebay...

my .02
I'm riding a Trek Remedy 8 and am very pleased with it's performance. It does most things well...not exceptionally...but well.

I pedals best on trail...not riding to the trail. Chassis is stiff and can take moderate jumps.

My budies all ride Giant Reign XO bikes...and they have been very happy. The Reemdy keeps up just fine.
From the bikes you listed I would go for the Giant, good suspension design, good company, and it can take a beating. I think you can also upgrade the forks to 160 without killing the HA.

The SX seems a bit on the large side for a lot of climbing to the top before the bomb down.

If you are willing to look outside you list, the Knolly gets my vote, I have been lusting one but will not be pulling the trigger on another bike anytime soon. I have 2 perfect bikes at the moment.
Im on the Reign x1. Other bikes I was looking at were SXtrails, Nomads, bullits. I went with the X cause they were in my price range I was buying used no matter what it was.) The Intense and bikes like it were no where near my price range Uzzi vp is really sweet though.

There is definitely no do everything bike but Im doing pretty good on the X.
The Giant Reign X0 actually comes with the Fox 36 Float RC2 160mm fork.

I vote for the Ironhorse if you are okay with not having a company to back it up. The 6 Points are good frames.

Next vote goes to the Reign X. Unless you are taking really big hits, the 6" travel on the standard Reign would suffice and it's a few pounds lighter than the Reign X.

The Mongoose Khyber pedals really nice
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