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I took my 10 year old out in the California sunshine, and we had a blast just being kids together!! He rode this hill last month, but it got dark before we had "summited". So on this day we made it to the top. The sense of accomplishment he felt made me proud to be a Dad. He fell pretty bad awhile back, so it was good to get him on his bike again and confident enough to hit a pretty good climb with his Pops...

The climbing was full of wide eyed wonder. :D

Focus, focus... momentum? Schmomentum!

Getting closer...

Almost there...

On top of the world!

Only in SoCal can Xmas be this way, but we can't wait for Snowboard season. Please don't hate us for the weather we gots, Cactuscorn et. al :cool:

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oh i dont hate ya magu but im envious as hell. this is one of those times i really miss az and its 120 deg summers. i could travel some but the x mass retail world does not allow for that nor does a management position when its so busy as it is now.

i have plans to go back home for a long weekend weather dt has a demo day or not. squish and i will join some other guys in the black hills for some spring ridin and theres a group of huckers a hour down the road who have invited us to come learn on their bike park when the ground drys up.

my sons a bit older now and out of the house but i still fondly recall our days on the trail together and watchin him progress, seein him smile, hearin him laugh. his interests have moved on but maybe he will return to bikes just like his old man did. i can tell ya some of the best days in my life have been those spent on a bike with my son and my own dad.

part of the reason i keep so many bikes and spare gear is so i can take out first timers. sometimes its kids or co-workers, sometimes its just a cat who wants to give it a go. whoever it is, i think its cool that i can offer up a helpin hand and maybe get em into the sport on their own terms. life as a bike rider is sweet, isnt it?


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