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All down hill from here
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Fun to be had

Grave9 said:

"No Clue Crew" @ SoMo 02/05/2011 from Drew Hutchinson on Vimeo.

The weather was perfect and the riding was amazing. "No Clue Crew" on SoMo having fun.
You guys crack me up! :thumbsup: This is why we ride, to much fun to be had on natty trail.

Crash N Burn only to return tomorrow to try it again. :rolleyes:

"No Clue Crew"
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SHNIPE said:
Rode today :D well did a lot of HAB today. Windgate to Bell pass. Fun on the switchbacks and blasting my new yeti down from there :D Who says you cant DH a 100mm hardtail
No photos? Than it never happened and I rather DH on a HT!

scaz said:
Nice work on the Vid!!! Thanks again for letting me tag along...looking forward to doing it again!

Heal up bro!
Do my best.

noosa2 said:
That is the best video I have seen for a long time - thanks for the chuckles. I need to get a bike together so I can ride with you guys.
Any time and thanks........Drew
1 - 20 of 67 Posts
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