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Today I had a fantastic solo ride at Lake Tahoe. I did the Armstrong Pass Loop: up to Armstrong Pass, down and across Hwy 89, out to Scotts Lake, up the Tahoe Rim Trail to Toads and down to the start via Armstrong Pass. I was determined to keep moving and to staying on the bike as much as possible. All the high altitude climbing I've been doing this summer is starting to pay off. What used to take nine hours took much less than seven hours and I felt pretty good the whole way. Uphill obstacles are a lot easier when you are not out of breath!

At 45 degrees, the early morning temperature was quite comfortable, and despite some occasional very cold winds in the exposed areas, it was a pretty nice day. The trails were nearly empty and I didn't see a soul for the first four hours. Halfway up the climb to Toads, I got a rare ego boost when I rode past some downhillers pushing their bikes. I did minimal stopping so I only took a few photos.

Early morning light.

I'm terrified of heights and had to cross with my bike for the first time ever.

Cool roots.

Highest point, 9,348 ft.

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