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I'm not selling on this post just seeing if their would be much interest if I placed it in the 'classifieds'

But I may be getting a few hundred 'New and unused' tagged Samsung 3.7V 2.6Ah cells, which would be ideal for building into packs.

No prices as yet, but approx £6 $9.50 USD each + p&p.

Like I said this is just a general post to put a feeler out.

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:thumbsup: I would have some too but I know a guy:smilewinkgrin: who builds some great packs so cant be bothered building my own :thumbsup:
no they're not protected. so I would recommend a protection circuit in any builds. They do have a 4A re-settable fuse (polyswitch) under each +ve cap.
All cells will be from the same batch and OCV checked and balanced before posting out.

I hope to post up in the classifieds within the next couple of days
Yes they have safety vents and there is a 4A polyswitch under each +ve cap.
for anyone whose interested i'm also selling a few 4S Li-ion batteries HERE
But only within the UK at the moment
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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