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Taco anyone?

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Well I guess I should have bought the DT5.1 hope hoops. We'll see if Transititons custumer service replaces the wheelset. The funny thing is I just posted a thread about wasted money on bike parts that just didn't work out. You can add another $300 to that list. If they replace I'll I see if I can get black so they'll be easier to sell, They lasted 16 days!

By sportrider, shot with VX11000 at 2010-01-14

By sportrider, shot with VX11000 at 2010-01-14.
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Still waiting for the recipe you used to make your taco:D

why would Transition's customer service replace them? Were you just riding along? :rolleyes:
Somehow hard to believe that the wheel got in that shape without some pretty hard impact [ie - not a manufacturing error] which would not probably be covered by warranty. I've had a wheelset with DT 5.1's and a friend has Transitions wheelset, I have to say the 5.1 rim does not look any stronger then the one Transitions uses (lighter yes, stronger no).
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