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Syren vs. Ibis Mojo

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I need to put this out there to women riders for some input and thoughts.
I live in British Columbia and ride some thick rocky, rooty terrain, mostly XC but the downhill reward is super! I also enjoy DH park riding but since this is weekend only and all the XC riding is done couple times a week fitting in a quick ride after work most days I would like a good AM bike to fit the needs.I would like to work more on my DH skills and am taking a few more bike camps this year in Bellinham and a few DH parks.
The two bikes to choose from are:

Ibis Mojo
SL Shimano SLX parts kit (new Dyna SYS 10),
Stan's Rims,
Maxxis DH tyres,
Rox Shox Revelation Race Dual Air,


Transition Syren
with a lighter build.

My BF wants me to get the Syren but I think this is coming from is DH background.
I am a little worried that it will be a horse to get uphill but don't want to compromise the DH by getting a bike that is too XC/AM

Should the compromise be the uphill or the downhill and how much of a compromise would the syren be on the uphill climb? Will the Ibis be good enough at the DH parks.

Notes on the rider: I am a 5'2" female , I am not into hucking myself off things but do like to do the technical DH , rooty single track, burms..etc. The only problem is where I live there is a ton of uphill to get to the yummy down.
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Altagirl, call on line one....

(she has a beautiful syren, wait for her to chime in on this)
mojo seems a little short on travel for dh, and the syren would fit you well. since you already have a xc bike, maybe go for something more dh oriented?
I guess the bottom line is that you need to figure out where you have the most fun and where you're willing to make sacrifices.

I think the Syren is an amazing descender on technical terrain and tight corners. If you want something you can manage to pedal up and still have basically a mini-DH bike for the ride back down, it's pretty ideal. Last time I went to Whistler, I brought the Syren and my DH bike and rode the Syren 90% of the time because I prefer it for just having fun on both the jump oriented trails and the twisty turny stuff like Angry Pirate, etc. And I love the Syren for riding in Moab, where while there is still plenty of climbing, the rocks and rough terrain weren't nearly as much fun on other lighter/shorter travel bikes.

That said, I'm not going to pretend that it climbs like a bike designed for XC. I added a Giant Anthem to my bike quiver this year and is it so much easier/more enjoyable to climb... and of course it's that much sketchier descending on rough terrain. Pick your poison... If you have flowy, reasonably smooth descents like we have a lot of in Park City, then I'd go with something more XC oriented. But a bike that's really good for climbing won't be nearly as fun to handle in a bike park.

I like having both options so that when I am riding something where there the descending isn't too rowdy, I can enjoy the climb more... and then when we ride something where the descent is rough and crazy fun, I'm willing to pedal the Syren uphill to get there to make the most of it. And since you're talking about lift served/bike park riding.... I'd definitely lean towards the Syren. You could always build it with an adjustable travel fork to help on climbs (I don't have that, but it would probably help a lot).

Hope that makes sense!
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Thanks for the replies...all of the information has really helped.

I am a little trigger shy as I have a Mojo on hold at a bike shop but am not really 100% feeling confident about it being the all round bike I am looking for.
I am in Revelstoke BC and the descent is rowdy, twisty turny like the north shore and Whistler so I always feel a little sketched on my XC to push it. Maybe this would change with the Syren.
I guess I am confused as to the true meaning of XC riding as I have only ever ridden in BC and have never been on flowy, reasonably smooth descents....Maybe I should have been on a bike like the Syren all along!
I am not a crazy daredevil and will not be pushing myself to the extreme but do like to challenge myself and have a super amount of fun on the DH.
Just don't want to be on a bike that is too much for me and is not ridden to it's best potential
I think an adjustable travel fork will help a lot!
Thanks for the info!
If it helps at all, Transition is also a really great company owned by good people. They take really good care of their employees and spend a lot of time contributing to NW trails. There are a few companies out there who operate with a conscience, this is one of them. I don't know the folks at Ibis, except in a couple of short conversations, so they may be just as cool.

Plus, Kevin and Cam look hot in Neoprene.

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Just wanted to post an update and thank you all for your help with my decision; I decided to get the Syren and am completely in LOVE!
This bike rocks the decent like it knows what to do instinctively , the bike was so much fun for the DH and not bad on the pedal up...I actually liked the extra beef.
Thanks again
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