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Syracuse Area Biking?

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I'm heading to the Syracuse area for a long weekend at the end of May. Can anyone suggest some of the better rides in the area? I am aware of Hyberg Forest, Brookfield SF and Highland County Forest. Looking for some reasonable woods rides in the 8 to 16 mile range for exercise versus adreneline.

Links to a Central NY Bike Club with trail data would also be appreciated.
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Talisman said:
Thanks for the link!
You're welcome! :)
Bike Loft

Stop in this shop, my girlfriend bought a bike from them when she lived there and I was really impressed with their staff. They sponsor some races in the area too. On that site they list places to ride in the syracuse area. I raced at Highland Forest last year and it was a blast, super wet/muddy but still fun.
CNY Rides

Just so you know, The CNY-Dirt club ride the weekend of May 29 will be at Shindagin Hollow. (about 1- 1 1/2 hour drive south of Syracuse near Dryden) That would be a must to ride if you are in the area! Call Lance at the Bike Loft for the specifics (315-458-5260)

Green Lakes State Park is a little closer to Syracuse than the places you mentioned. They have some decent trails, but nothing technical. Highland Forest is great, but chances are it will be pretty muddy.
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