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Syntace X-12 for RIP9 and WFO9

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i think niner did a great job providing superstiff 29er fully frames.

however, the next step would be having a closer look to the rear drop outs. this syntace X-12 is superlight and would not only make sense for the long travel fully but could as well stiffen up a hardtail without additional weight (and allow the hartail frame to get another diet).

have you guys from niner looked into this?

this shows stiffness and weight of maxle vs. X12. the syntace system is 50% stiffer but even lighter than Tune quick release :thumbsup:
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Recently talked to Brad at Niner. He said they still don't have any dropouts to make the syntace system compatible...

Now I find that in their encyclopedia (Niner Bikes | The Big Revolution) it says the Rip9 does have an:

"Optional 142mm x 12mm thru axle X-12 upgrade"

If anyone can shed some light as to what the deal is I'd appreciate it. I'm looking to see if this is a possibility with my Rip9 frame that should be arriving next week.
Niner sells a 142x12 dropout and Maxle kit that is compatible with the RIP and WFO. See the bottom of this page in their online store. It's the same hub standard, just a different design for how the axle threads into the frame and tightens down so it's technically not Syntace compatible even though it's the same sizing. Syntace was the first to push the 142x12 sizing, but their particular dropout design is probably more expensive because it appears to be a little more complex and include a generally unnecessary toe and camber feature
AND syntace does not have a QR, that's a show stopper for me.
Iv`e had 3 bikes with X-12. It work in the same way as 15 QR on a fork.

Better than maxle imo.
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