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Syncros SP1.0 shock pump - battery

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Hi all, I wonder if anyone here knows how to replace the battery in this Syncros shock pump - I'm defeated... thanks!

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There are 4 x 1.5mm screws on the back of the display unit and that allows the face plate to detach from the head.

Will open mine up this morning and get some photos.
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Thanks SilentG, really helpful - I had seen the holes but couldn't figure out what was in there!
Are they 1.5mm hex screws?
They are, 1.5mm hex interface, not Torx

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Back side of the display unit which just lifts out, battery on the left in the photo behind that cover:

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The little hole there on the right side piece in the photo above lines up with the hole in the body:

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Battery is a CR2032
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Thank you, all clear, problem solved!
I have this exact pump and I used these instructions to replace the battery so a many thanks to the gent who took time to write these instructions (synchros didn’t bother) In regards to the pump, quite simply I hate it. The battery has died after approx three uses AND it has an automatic shut off so why did it drain so quickly when stored in a warm house. The fiddly connection where once screwed onto the fork valve you have to remember it has another auxiliary mechanism that you have unscrew before you can pump it. Doh Also the fact the battery compartment is not easily accessible is a bad design flaw and not to mention why on earth Synchros use 1.5mm hex on a bicycle tool where hex standards only go as far down as 2mm so don’t think you’ll be able to use a multi tool or a bike specific hex set, no such luck! If anyone is looking for a new shock pump then please avoid this one (there is a new version which might be better). The next shock pump I buy will be the traditional analogue gauge which is a fraction of the cost of this one! Rant over 😉
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