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Syncros Hardcore headsets new $30

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Way below retail, supposed to be as good as King. Not my auction!
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Those are nice headsets. That's a good price.

I ran one of those on my Giant AC and it was smooth and sturdy.
One thing to add...

That headset has a plastic ring that is part of the race. Some shops don't know now to remove the race and will damage the plastic ring. I asked the LBS to remove the race for me and when I came back an hour later I was given the race and the plastic ring all cut up. I asked them why they cut the ring and they said the race puller wouldn't clamp down because the ring was in the way.

I was bummed and asked to call me next time they feel like they have to ruin or destroy something to get work done.
great price...

i've got one in my "spares" box, it's pretty sweet!!! if you're yearning for a king and don't have the chedda, these are really sweet.

the sealed enduro bearings are huge, and they pop right out of the cups.

and, like dirtpaws started, the lower race has a plastic dust cap. you can snap this off by hand, so do so before the install.

hey dirtpaws, your sig is it!!!


TheRedMantra said:
Way below retail, supposed to be as good as King. Not my auction!
Click Here!
:D :D
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Kam said:
...hey dirtpaws, your sig is it!!!...
Thanks! I wonder who would buy a Flowbee to cut their hair?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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