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Has anyone ever used their Sx for a trail bike? how has it held up? Reason i am thinking about using the Sx as a trail bike instead of going with an enduro or pitch, is because i am a realatively small person 5'8" bout 150 pounds and i enjoy and small frame to be able to flick around pretty easily, any input would be appreciated.
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the frame is solid, the parts are up to you. I don't think an SX will hold you back at all, but they do have a very low bb so you may find yourself smacking pedals on rocks until you get used to the bike.
the new SX rides higher than the 08. they are also slightly heavier and slacker at the front. Still i have used both of them for trail riding, infact the 09 has such a low standover than it made a lot of female riders wanting for them.
If you are talking about the 4" SX and not the SX trail, make sure you will have enough seat post, the seat tube is really low.
I use mine for everything. it's built up to about 33 lbs. A tiny bit slower on the uphill but totally worth it for the down. do it. you won't regret it.
definitely possible. with some lighter rims and tires and a duel ring up front, it would work fine. plus, throw an adjustable travel fork on there like a 66 ata, talas, totem, or lyric and your set for everything.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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