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I'm posting this in the DH forum because I think a lot of people ride the Butcher SX more aggressively.

I'm looking to replace my single ply Big Betty with something 150-200 grams heavier - trying to go to a full dual ply since this is not for my dedicated DH bike, which does have dual plys.

Looking at a 2.5 butcher SX for my rear - 1000 grams - kinda what i was hoping for - wondering if it is a lot slower than the big betty?

The new High Roller II or Ardent 2.4 EXO have nice volume like the BB, but heard the EXO isn't that durable for fast rocky trail riding. anyone know if the EXO covers under the tread as well? same with the SX casing?

Would go full UST like the Rubber Queen, but those stepped side knobs don't seem to grab onto rocks on the off cambers like the solid row of knobs do like nevegal, maxxis, butchers.

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