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Hello Guys,

I recently bought a 2007 transition preston fr. I bought it basically for the components as the frame is cracked on the rear shock support. I have taken out the bike a few times and even though it is quite a pig, I really like the way it handles but I really dont want to keep on using it as in the back of my mind, there is always the fear of it snapping to pieces.
So the question to you guys is, what good frame, used preferably, would you guys recomend that would be somewhat cheap and readily available that I could just swap all the components to? Or would you guys just ride this frame?
I only use it for "dh" runs, I dont pedal up the mountain with it. The components are all working really good, chain has less than 5% wear. Wheels seem strong and true but I did have to change the bearings on the rear wheel. Fork and shock both hold air good, feel smooth and dont have any oil leaks. I paid $700 for it, I am still not sure if that was a good deal or not.

The components on the bike are.
rear shock: fox dhx 5.0
fork: fox rc2 180mm 36mm stanchions, straight steerer.
drivetrain: shimano xt crankset external bb 73mm threaded, x9 derailleur and shifter
wheels: azonic outlaw, 9mm qr rear, 20mm front.
avid juicy 7 brakes



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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