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Switching brakes to moto style after decades of riding

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Edit: no idea why this ended up in the beer forum. Sorry. Maybe it can be moved. Anyway, does anyone like beer?

I grew up with the north American standard front brake left setup, have been riding like this for 20+ years.
I also ride motorcycles, mostly on-road. Front brake obviously on the left. Never had an issue because up to now, moto and MTB have been very different to ride so my brain never got confused. But with electric motorcycles and light dirt bikes like the Sur Ron coming out, this has changed. Some of those things feel a lot like Mountainbikes to ride. But electric motorcycles have the front brake right and a back brake on the left, rather than a foot brake.

I'm probably going to end up owning an electric trials bike or something sooner rather than later. I see this as a recipe for disaster switching back and forth with the MTB where the brakes are reversed, so i want to switch the levers on the pedal bike. Has anyone else switched their front brakes around on their Mountain Bike after decades of riding? How did it go? How many weeks until the cast could come off? 馃槵
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How are you going to get the rear brake lever to the pedal?
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That's going to be the easy part. First i have to figure out a clutch that will work with my dropper post lever
I also ride motorcycles, mostly on-road. Front brake obviously on the left.
I think I see your problem. my brain never got confused.
Too late :)
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