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What's your switchback conquering technique?

  • platform pedals- i dab my foot compulsively

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So, how do you get around tight turns?
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Clipless. I didn't vote but I never unclip unless I can't make the switchback and I stall out, in which case I wouldn't have made it on flats without dabbing.......and I guess I don't really consider a switchback "made" if I dab.
Clipless and I never unclip, if I get into a situation I just trackstand for a second and if needed roll back a little.
I voted platform, dab occasionally, but that's usually to keep from falling over, and while my foot is on the ground, I'll physically rotate to point in the right direction.

I usually make most of them without dabbing by putting my inside pedal high, pointing my knee to the inside of the turn, and rotating/leaning my body into the turn.
Normally from the outside-in and letting off the brake after cresting the turn.
I like to gain speed then skid through the entire turn, raising as much dust and gravel as possible. Works great.
I think the OP is talking about climbing, but wasn't specific. :rolleyes:
Wulf1971 said:
I think the OP is talking about climbing... :rolleyes:
So was palerider. :thumbsup:
Finch Platte said:
So was palerider. :thumbsup:
That would be interesting to see. lol :p
Try lifting your rear tire and shifting it over on the sharp turns when you are moving slowly. It's kinda like a bunnyhop without lifting up the front end.
I R a clipless foot dabber.

Last time I was on Mt. Pinos someone had racked a bunch of limbs and deadwood on the trail that made a couple of the switchbacks way tighter than they started out.
No poll option for straps so I lumped my vote in clipless . I only very rarely dab but have just gone clipless so we'll see how I do now. Practicing this weekend on some easier stuff.
palerider said:
I like to gain speed then skid through the entire turn, raising as much dust and gravel as possible. Works great.
Pretty much just grab as much rear brake as possible, slide that back end around moto style! :eek: :thumbsup:
A good bunny hop can usually save me. I just like getting to the top, hhaha in Louisiana, and have the feeling that I did that smoothly.
Going up, I ride on the back wheel and lift the front wheel around. Going down, I ride the nose, unweight the back and let it just do its own thing.
I don't need to lock up, its for beginners, I drift. In both directions.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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