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I'm relatively new to the MTB scene and recently acquired a 2006 Iron Horse Yakuza Aniki w/ Rockshox Domain 180, Rockshox Monarch 3.3, Mavic wheels, Hayes 9 brakes, X7/X9 drivetrain, and Truvativ crank 1x9 set up. I recently tossed on an SRAM PG970 cassette and SRAM PC971 chain. For $350, I couldn't pass up this bike. I previously had a Trek 4700 Disc but wanted a full suspension setup.

I've just seen the Trek Ticket S R. Dog Edition and I am struggling not to go buy it. I have an odd addiction for USA themed items as I am a huge supporter of the USA soccer teams this frame is just sexy.

My issue: I don't know a whole lot about compatibility between components and frames so I was hoping the boards could help me understand what would swap to the Ticket and what wouldn't. I believe my front fork will be an issue because of the 180mm travel where the Ticket S runs a 100mm travel.

Any, and all, help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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