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Rmember! You all summoned me here with the on going emails. I canceled my subscription to Velopark and SWIMBA long ago. Freeride legends bragging about drug induced coma's, frosty liquid meth diabetis beverages, 40yr old BMX virgins getting RAD?? Sorry, thougt this park was for kids and promoting a positive outlook. I'm not contributeing to the delinquincy of minors and promoting drugs, alcohol and busted up kids. BMX can take you to the Olympics, Freeride will leave you living in a Van down by the river.
Did you see me at the park soliciting anything? How about donations or advertisements with my name? You ask me for money, donations, bikes, etc and I ask a few simple question to an adult member and get criticized. I told you all to leave me alone! Having an ex clildhood BMXer contribute to the building,design process of MTB parks and trails will lead to Mass MTBer broken bones. I could care less about structures on the trails, I buy books with pictures of MTBers riding in the mountains, not guys flying through the air doing a nothing.
I'm just an outdoorsman and an avid trail user sitting on the sidlines. Being a part in person won't happen with my schedule, If you continue to take my money than you'll continue to hear my voice. You were supposed to stop soliciting me and not take my money! I thew it out just to see if you'ld take it.
If this is your forum and you continue to take my money, I'll continue to voice my opinion. Simple as that.
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