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Sweet VF2 -

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Our French distributor sent this to us - clean build - though I'd share ..


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that does look clean... love the little purple accents... XD
Not sure you'll understand all things, but this bike is also on video :

I notice the 'V' in VF2 is grey not red?
The shop who made that build polish the red V, because it not goes well with the purple parts !
They also change every reds bolds by silver !
Ha! Loïs Debièvre from that video Stuntrial posted stated the VF2 is a very versatile all mountain bike. Also stating that it can go up and down with lots of fun!
And Riton stated that the build kit on that bike took 4 months to get and the bike weigh in about 27 lbs!!!:eekster:

Funny how the French says the name "Chumba", they pronounce it more like "Choumba":p
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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