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Just a shout out to Rock Shox/SRAM customer service.

I've been pimping my sweet new Revelation U-Turn Maxle as much better than my 2008 FOX TALAS RLC for a couple of months now. It performs better in nearly every conceivable way (except the on/off only compression of the pushloc).

After some serious riding I noticed that I had lost about 1" of travel. Called SRAM (rep named Dan) and they are taking care of it without a problem. I was a bonehead, lost my receipt, and they are taking care of it anyway. They are paying shipping and everything. I mentioned to him that the on/off compression of the poploc was annoying- I prefer adjustable compression.

Dan is going to switch out my poploc compression dial to the adjustable version for FREE while its at SRAM (this is about 80 bucks!)

Dealing with my leaky Fox Fork that never got full travel (after being sent to Fox on my own dime) was weak at best for such an expensive fork. They said it was "within specifications" A 140mm fork that got about 115mm of usable travel--might as well ride a shorter travel, lighter fork.

Check out bikeradar's review of the new Revelation--its that good.
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