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Sweet ride with 2 Niners today

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The boxing day weather here in New Zealand was off the planet today, summer has come late for us, but she arrived with a vengance yesterday....

3 riders, 3 29ers = 1 x R.I.P 9, 1 x W.F.O 9 & 1 x Nicolai Helius 29er custom.....

Not a common sight am sure anywhere on the globe.... Momentus is on his 2nd ride on the RIP 9, you wouldnt think so, he has had a few Niners, greedy boy he is... ;) .... Big Al was enjoying the WFO too.

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Ah, yes a great ride.

These longer travel 29ers sure can do a whole lot of things. Great bike, very happy with my decision.

Bring on tomorrow!!!
I am all keen for tomorrow also, bring it on. T2R
Looks like you had a blast! Keep on rockin' the wagon wheels!

Cheers & Happy Holidays!
Looks like a great time, lucky that you guys are in summer now. :) Thanks for posting those pics!
Yes, Momentus and I were out again today, 3 days running, yeah ha.... We are very lucky with the weather, also our main ride spot is sand based, so it is very good for the wet climate we have, along with the fact we can ride 12 months of the year on single track.....

We got no photos today, we were having to much fun ripping it up.....
Some nice 29ers there. What was the temperature?
Flyer said:
Some nice 29ers there. What was the temperature?
Temp was 27 deg C (84 deg F) Humidity was sitting at 96%.... Pretty hot for us here...

Yeah some nice steeds were in the group for sure....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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