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First time ever at Swatara State Park.
Complete opposite of what we usually ride, it's fast and smooth no rocks, but plenty of tree crossings.
Tuffgrrl, Mini, Srttnr, RRHines, and myself with the camera's.

Part 1

Srttnr out front followed by RRHines

Part 2
Mostly rear view image

Part 3
I switched to the handle bar mount it was to hot for the chest mount (95)
Srttnr out front making that single speed fly!
My favorite part around 3:30 it's an older section of Forest with huge pine trees with a small downhill grade and were just flying through it.

Part 4
Fast and flowy sections with tons of twists and turns, and pyramid log sections thrown in for good measure.

Part 5
Last trails of the day
We can't drive 55

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