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Swatara / Mt. Gretna

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I am hoping conditions are good enough to ride one of the above places this Saturday. Can anyone enlighten me on conditions of either place? I am coming down from central NY to escape the snow for a ride.

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I think Gretna will be in good shape as of friday, but we're supposed to get rain this weekend...
Somewhat good news. Planning to get down on Saturday, weather looks cooperative at the moment.

Would love a tour guide but the maps look well plotted.
I mite be out sat. I could show you around if you want. What time are you trying to ride, and what kind of bike/rider? I ask cause I have 4 different rides, anything from xc to dh.
I am a regular at Gretna and love it there. If you check out my post from Saturday's ride, it will give you an idea of what some of the trails look like. It was a little bit sloppy in a few parts on 13but overall pretty great. If my bike is fixed by then, I would be happy to show you around Saturday as well depending on your timing. Trail 4, 15, 13, etc... loop, about 10-12 miles or so.
I would prob be doing "the loop" just like A-Ray stated, it's the best network of trails out there. Who wants to ride!?

I'm in! What time? I'll ride out from Cornwall on the RT, good warm up, if anyone wants to meet there, or else somewhere in Gretna.
Anyone that can show the local flow would be great!

What time are you trying to ride
Google maps puts me there in 3.5 hours.I expect to arrive around 11am give or take a few minutes. It would be most excellent if you could give me a tour!

what kind of bike/rider?
Breaking in a new to me Heckler. I entertain all aspects of riding but will be passing on gnar stuff this early in the season.

I can certainly arrange for a different time if need be, just nothing earlier than 10:30!
I'm down for 11. Park at the lot on Pinch Rd., not at the enviromental center. Doc does that work for you?

The loop is pretty gnar, but there are plenty of go-arounds and easier lines, you'll be fine. I'm bringing my Knolly DT.

Anyone else!?
Ok,will plan for 11. If weather turns, I will post here and cancel.
I am on the fence but will try to be there.
Waiting for a new derailleur to come in. May be able to borrow my son's bike though. I will let you all know by Friday.
Hey Amish Matt, STPR Rally June 3rd up on 12 Mile Road!
Bringin' the bikes for sure. Would love if you guys could get up there and you can give me a tour of some of those trails!
I forgot about a previous engagement, as in my turning 30 and plans that were made for me that cannot be changed.....which I didn't know about. I cant complain about that but I won't be coming down on Saturday.

But at least I organized a ride for you guys......;)
Local717 said:
Anyone else!?
Coooouuulllld be.

this the lot you're referring to?

Itching to get my bike out on some stuff, and new-2-me trail would be prime.

I try to live by the "go to the trailhead" rule, but with a 2 hr drive I'm likely to be a bit more conservative if the weather is "poor".
That's the environmental center. The lot 717 is referring to is on the other side of the road, just south of there.
amish_matt said:
That's the environmental center. The lot 717 is referring to is on the other side of the road, just south of there.
Thanks, gives me a point of reference. ;^)
Just a heads up on Swatara, lots of downed trees blocking the trails, a few are ridable, alot to carry over or walk around. Too bad the chainsaw fairy got fired. Still a few spots of packed ice here and there, but other than the trees it's very ridable.
I'm itching to get a good ride in on the camber, busy weekend though or I'd make the couple hour trip...anyone up for something the following weekend as well?

I'm in Scranton, so I can accomadate 1-2 others, save on some fuel $$$....
I am good with 11 on Saturday, but I thought the Pinch lot was top of the hill coming from Gretna on the left?
Either way I will find you guys, I know the other lot as well.
Blue Civic, roof rack.
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