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Swapping wheels with hope brakes

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The only disk brakes I owned is a set of hayes hydro and my new bike I'm waiting on will be equiped with hop mono-minis.

I have two different set of wheels (shimano and mavic hubs) that I swap depending on the usage, with the hayes I only have to slack the two bolts to realign the caliper when I swap my set of wheels. If I understand well how hopes are woring, will I have to play whith shims every time I will change my wheels?

Thank you
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Yup, I have CKISO/819s and Hope XC/DT4.1d wheelsets and have to change the shims each time you swap. Just record which shims you use for each set and that makes it easier. I wish I knew why...the hubs aren't the same I guess.
No you don't... Just shim the Caliper for wheel that puts the rotor furthest out (away fro the centerline of the frame) and then shim the other rotor (on the hub) till it is good for the already shimmed rotor. (there are IS (rotor) shims available but I just cut some from .5mm sheet aluminum. I shimmed an XT to be the same offset as a crossmax)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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