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swapping parts to old bike

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this is a copy and paste of my post in general that didn't get much of a response, and it as suggested that i check in with you guys here at the retro forum.

here's the deal. i've got too many bikes, and have to get rid of one. the choice is between my old Stumpjumper Comp Tange Prestige with rigid fork(my first mountain bike), or my M2 Stumpjumper Comp with Rockshox Judy. and when it came down to it, the rigid Stumpy wins, cause i'm partial to steel, and it actually rides better than the suspended Stumpy. i'll miss the M2, mainly cause it just looks so nice, but i've never really enjoyed riding it all that much.

but what i plan to do is swap most of the parts over to the steel frame, and sell the M2 as frame/fork/headset/stem/seatpost. and then sell off the old steel Stump's parts for whatever i can get. but i have a few questions:

the steel Stump had a full-size crankeset while the M2 had a compact crankset. i'm thinking of keeping the old front derailleur cause the M2 required a larger clamp size. will this older derailleur work with a compact crankset, just lower it on the seat tube, or do i need a derailleur designed to work with compact cranksets?

and second, the steel Stump is 7 speed, the M2 is 8 speed. currently, the M2's wheelset is being used on my Rocky Mountain Blizzard, so i want to convert the steel Stumpy's wheelset to 8 speed. would all i need to do is put an 8 speed freehub body on the hub, and re-dish the wheel? that would be the cheapest way, right?

finally, should i keep the thumbshifters? or move the rapidfire set over from the M2? i figure that out of all the parts i'd be selling, the thumbies would probably be what i could get the most cash for.
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There should be no problem just lowering the front derailleur to adjust for the change from regular to micro-drive.

Are the hubs of the same type? Microdrive was a Suntour product while Rapidfire is Shimano. You won't be able to put a Shimano cassette on a Suntour freehub. If the makes are the same, you may not even need to redish the wheel.

As for the shifters, use whichever you prefer. You will probably get the most for the M2 frame/fork though it won't get you that much. Used thumbies will likely only pull $20-40 less fees.

What year is your Blizzard?
group on the old steel Stump Comp is XT, back when it was still called Deore XT. group on the M2 is newer XT, compact drive, although the rear hub was LX. but all i'd need is a newer 8 speed freehub, right? can get one of those from Loose Screws.

one more question, about chains. 7 and 8 speed chains were the same width, right? when they went to 8 speed, they didn't slim anything down, just went to a wider rear spacing, right? they did the slimming thing when going from 8 to 9 speed.

i'm asking cause if it's so, then i'll have an extra chain, and i'd like to know if a SRAM 8 speed Power link will work on the older 7 speed chain.

i kinda have an affection for the thumbshifters, but after using rapidfire for the most part, i kinda like it more. can't use both at the same time, but i'll sorta miss the thumbshifters. maybe i'll keep 'em, switch everything over and ride it with those for a while to see how i like it.

what do you figure is a ballpark price for an M2 frame and fork, used, but in real good shape? probably less than 700 miles on the thing.

oh, and the Blizzard's a 2002, white front half, black rear, with dark silver decals with a black outline. really pretty frame, with the handmasked maple leaves. bought the frame and it sat in my bedroom for a couple years while i slowly collected the parts to build it up with. and still haven't ridden it that much, as i've gone back to road riding mostly, but i took it out last week and had a ball. rides incredibly well, so i figure i'll be taking it out a bit more often.
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I get hazy in the switch from 7 - 8 speed. I was mainly a 5-7 speed guy in my wrenching career. I use 8 speed now on all my bikes and interchange chains.

You shouldn't have difficulty swapping the freehubs, but watch out as the 8 speed LX freehubs have a wider barrel than the older 7 speed XT hubs so when you tighten them down they don't spin. That was my experience at least. Decent vintage 8 speed rear wheels can be picked up pretty cheap, often on your local craigslist, so I would try that. If your XT is hyperglide, you should be able to put an 8 speed cassette on it though. That is my MO.

You will be lucky if you can pull $100 for the frame/fork. Nearly new ones can be had for less. Great frames but don't have the following of other bikes of the time.
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