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I have a Trek Marlin 7 I use as my around town beater bike. It is a large frame, which has never fit me quite right. I got a good deal on it so I tweaked as best I could playing with stem/bar height.

Just bought a Rocky Mountain Fusion 10 today. Feels better as it is an XL. Fork has no lockout though.

My question is:

Is it possible to take the fork off the Trek and put it on the Rocky. Both are 100mm.

When I measure from the bottom of the crown to the stem bolt, it's 9 inches on the Trek and a hair over 8 on the Rocky.

Is that a simple swap or no?

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Things to keep in mind and consider:
  • axle to crown measurements of both forks
  • steerer tube lengths of both forks
  • axle types (should be the same on both
  • brake mount types
  • wheel size (should be the same on both)
  • head tube type (both sound like they’re tapered)

You want the axle to crown for both forks to be as equal as possible.

You’ll need to switch the lower crown race to both forks. You’ll also need to realign your brakes possibly, and if one steerer tube is too short, it won’t work.

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The Trek is a straight headtube. The Rocky is a tapered. You may need an adatper to run that fork. It may be pretty cheap to find a decent air shock thats gently used.
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