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The swamps located a mile from Vassar Farms. There's a much bigger one past Tymor thats almost ready. The tires are homemade: any medium knobbed tires that are likely to hold the #6 (3/8") sheetmetal screws w/o folding over. A tire liner like a road slick with the bead cut out. Predrilled, handscrewed~ about 250 screws in each. More on the front, less on the rear. 2 hours each. Swamps for me are the most fun, and when fresh snow messes up the smooth ice we go to a pond and shovel off a course. We've had roadies watching, and families come out with a snowthrower to help, ice skaters too. Moonlight rides following the trails of ice crystals cut by the screws... Riding on...not winter yet...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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