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Get well soon boet!

Sven Martin injured at Crankworx

WHISTLER, BC ( -- According to Honda Turner team spokesperson Doug Heiser, Sven Martin went down hard at Crankworx yesterday evening.

"On Wednesday, August 3rd, Sven & Anka had just got on the mountain at Whistler Mountain Bike Park for there first run. They headed over to Schleyer (I believe) for a warm up, apparently they were just cruising (I know, hard to believe Sven just cruising) Anka was riding right behind him. As they were going over a technical section, Sven tried to hop over a couple of boulders when his front wheel caught a rock on the landing & sent him over the bars quickly, so quick he did not have a chance to break his fall & landed on his head. he knew right away that he had broken his neck." said Heiser.

"Sven has full movement of all his limbs; unfortunately he has broken his neck in 3 places. Sven broke C3, C4 and C5. The major problem is that C4 is a burst fracture."

He went on to say "...doctors in Vancouver are scheduling surgery to repair the damage to Sven's neck. "

"He is now at Vancouver General Hospital, in the spine ward on the 14th floor, he is scheduled to go into surgery this afternoon, if all goes well & as planned, he will be able to eat solid food in 3 days & be able to walk on his own in 5 days, then they will release him. The recovery period is said to take approx 4-6 months. Sven & Anka are are very scared, but are also very tough, together & with all of us & our support they will get through this injury & Sven will be back on the bike roosting in no time!"

Good luck to Sven and Anka - hope to see you back riding and taking pics sooner then later.
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Posted on August 04, 2005 - 02:11 PM
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