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Nope.. but..

No I don't know them.. but where they got hit is a common place for bicycle collisions with vehicles. I had a friend a couple years ago get hit by a People Mover (she was wearing a helmet) there a couple years ago.

For those of you who didn't see this study.. this is an excellent read.

Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) Bicycle / Pedestrian Collision study with Moving Vehicles.
Available on the Muni's Traffic Division Website (NOTE IT IS 12 Megs!)

daveIT said:
Anybody know this gentlemen? Sounds like he is lucky to be alive. Be careful out there commuters!

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It's really sad that a lot Anchorage drivers are shitty ,careless lames ... Feckin rediculous drivers Summer or Winter .... Sorry, I live there in the summer just off debarr , It just pisses me off that a lot of people get away with thier shitty, dangerous driving habits.

Anchorage needs fill in the blank......

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Sounds like a real genius...and by genius I mean a-hole.

From the article: "he was hit by a sport utility vehicle that ran a red light"

Yeah, like it would have mattered if he was on a mtb, recumbent, his feet. I guess those skinny road bike tires are just magnets for red-light-running-suv-driving-jerk-offs.
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