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Suspension Tips/Help

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Hi i just purchased my first decent mountain bike Its Kona Dawg Deluxe im looking for tips on settin up the front forks But mostly the rear fox float shock. The front feels fine to me, the rear has pro pedal ans is on light how to change that to firm/hard im clueless, also i am about 185 190 pounds what should i have for PsI in the rear. Tanks


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lots of q's...
-you pull out the pro pedal knob and spin it to the setting you want. the switch flips it on or off
-air pressure all depends on the rider's weight and the bike. put a zip tie around the shock shaft and the fork stanchion (shaft). air them up until they are not mushy and sit on the bike, not shifting weight or bouncing around. use a wall or tree to keep balance. you want to shoot for 25% sag (fork/shock travel or compression). add/remove air in order to achieve this. once you reach 25% sag, you'll need to ride the bike and play with pressures to determine where you like it.

btw, nice bike
Thanks for the help can wait to get this thing set and get out there on some killer trails i found.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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