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I posted in the Suspension/Tuning forum, but I only got enough help to get me started. You can check that thread for more info.

I am hopefully heading to Whistler next week for a night during my two days off from work, and I seem to have a reasonable baseline setup on my suspension. I have a 2008 Norco Team DH with 888 ATA WC and Roco WC w/Ti spring. I am about 170-175lbs with gear. Right now my for is at 120psi in the lower right leg, 50psi in the upper right and I think 17 (forgot) clicks from close on rebound. I have not touched the compression adjuster on the lower left leg. The shock is at 120psi with 1 turn of preload and I think (forgot) 10 clicks of rebound and 15 clicks of comp.

I ride very centered and very low. I prefer DH style tracks (ie: Garbo), but right now I am on Project Clear A-Line/Dirt Merchant. I have CIU dialed, just practicing getting more comfortable, going faster and styling. I am looking for a suspension setup that will stay glued to the ground, offer ultimate cornering performance and great bump handling and optimized towards flat pedals and no pedaling. I don't mind if it will take lots of effort to unglue the bike from the ground to do jumps, just as long as it's easy to manage on lips.

If anyone can help provide tips on things to look for and feel for when riding to help with fine tuning my suspension while riding will be very useful, ie: when to get more or less rebound damping etc etc.

I'm sure you all have figured out with that amount of information and desperate need for help, I'm a noob to suspension tuning. First DH bike, first time tuning suspension. Marzocchi manual was pretty much useless, but the tech dudes here were helpful to get me started. I tried searching, but very hard with such limited keywords.

Sorry for the essay, but hope I can get some help. Also, if there is a thread that I missed that I can be directed to that has lots of tech info on forks and shocks, but tuning, maintaining and upgrading as well as theory and mechanics and various things like that will be much appreciated.
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