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suspension fork learning curve?

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well hopeful in the next week or so I'll have the funds for my new fork... (tora 318 off a g2 fisher cobia)...

i've ridden rigid all my life...

so the question... anything specific i should watch out for when making the switch? :)
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Brake Dive

Your fork is going to compress when you use your front brake. So on steep descents, keep your weight a little further back...though I've found the 29ers with 80mm of travel are much less sensitive to the change in geometry than my last 26er with 130mm of travel
When I switched my MC to a sus fork a while back, I initially had trouble picking lines. So easy to hit stuff with the front, then WHAM! you're reminded you only have suspension on one end.
Keep a log of your settings and don't be afraid to experiment. Do some reading on what rebound is/does, what the platform does (in this case on a Tora 318, floodgate). Bone up on the maintenance as well.
donalson said:
so the question... anything specific i should watch out for when making the switch? :)
All the fun you're having running into and over ****.
As said, brake dive/fork dive. If your weight shifts forward the fork will compress and sometimes this can cause it to not roll forward/out as well on very steep transitions, just be aware of this fact and you should be fine. Also as said, play with the settings and keep notes, find what works best for you and make sure you write it down.
I find that I need more speed with a sus. fork than a rigid for stuff like rock gardens.
As said before, what gives you plush also can be seen as "dive" when it's unwanted and for me this happens just enough at slower speeds (through the rough) to actually stop the bike.
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