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Suspension advice

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I'm just getting back into moutain bike riding. I'm considering buying a Motobecane with front fork suspension only. What's the main difference between front suspension and full-suspension bikes? Do I need a full-suspension bike. I anticipate doiing mostly street and light to medium trail riding. I cannot see myself doing too much crazy downhill stuff. Can anybody advise? Also, does anybody have opinions on Motobecane as a manufacturer / bike package producer?
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Go either way

I think a hardtail will be fine for what you described as your typical ride. If you plan on getting into it, more trail riding, then I'd seriously consider a full suspension.

I ride both my old hardtail and FS depending on the kind of ride. If it weren't for wearing out the knobbies on the pavement, I'd probably ride my FS everywhere, then again i wouldn't want to use for in town and have to lock it's worth more than my car!

FS bikes are really great rides these days- very efficient and most of all comfortable over the bumps. Add disc brakes and you have a machine that is not only fast, but safe on the trail. I have to admit, going FS has brought a whole new level of fun to my mtn biking.

If you get into it, plan on spending over $1000-2000+ for a good bike and good components. Motobecane is ok I guess, but look around, there's a ton of other bikes out there to check out.
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