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I was contacted by a volunteer member of the US Cycling Hall of Fame in Davis, CA seeking assistance with rebuilding the bike that Susan DeMattei used to win the bronze medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Susan and her husband Dave Wiens donated what they had left of the bike to the Hall of Fame in hopes that it would be put on display. Because of budget constraints, the HOF is not able to purchase the correct vintage parts to complete this project, so the idea came about to seek parts donations from the VRC community of otherwise useless parts. In return, people that donate will receive a small tax deduction and the knowledge that their cast-offs now grace Susan's bike on display at the museum.

I have agreed to help coordinate the parts selection so that the right pieces and only as many as necessary are provided to the HOF. Parts will be received directly by the HOF and I can provide the address and contact information to those that are donating. Another volunteer, that is the general manager of the UC Davis Bike Shop, has agreed to assemble the bike.

In this thread people should post photos of potential parts they have that might be appropriate. Also, if people have better photos showing the bike, please contribute those too. I have compiled a detailed list of parts that are still required and I have photos of some specific pieces needed. If people have specific concerns, please contact me with a PM or through my website, which is found at the bottom of this post. The HOF website is at: United States Bicycling Hall of Fame

Come on VRC, let's show some love for a historic mountain bike and a great rider!

Susan DeMattei Olympic Bike Build:

(Items with a * are still needed at this time; list will be updated periodically)

Frame: Diamond Back Racing Team Titanium, painted yellow
Fork: Answer Manitou SX Ti
*Headset: Dia Compe Kontak ST
*Stem: ControlTech Ahead 1-1/8, 120 mm extension, 85/95 degree, w/ removable faceplate, black
*Handlebar: Unknown alloy bulge bar, gray anodized
*Barends: Avenir cut and welded titanium
*Seatpost: Shimano XTR M900 in silver 27.2
Saddle: Selle Italia Flite Titanium, black leather
*Wheels: Mavic CrossMax First Edition with ceramic rims
*Skewers: Mavic CrossMax
Front Derailleur: Shimano M900 XTR top pull
*Rear Derailleur: Shimano M910 mid-cage
*Crankset: Adventure Components Race 2 Model, Silver, 110/74
*Bottom Bracket: Shimano UN-72 122.5 mm Shell?
*Chain: HG-91 or Dura Ace 8 speed
*Chainrings: Shimano XTR SG-X 26-36-46
*Chainring bolts: Alloy anodized in red
*Cogset: Shimano XTR M900 12-28
*Brakes: Dia Compe VC-700 front and rear
*Brake Levers: Dia Compe PC-800
Shifters: SRAM Gripshift X-Ray 800 (or ESP 900?)
*Shifter grips: ODI for X-Ray in red
*Grips: Avenir thin with logos?
*Tires: Ritchey SpeedMax, black compound, 26 x 1.95 inch
*Pedals: Shimano M747 clipless

(seatpost is not the right color):



Avenir Barends:


AC Racing 2 Crankset:


Dia Compe Kontak ST Headset:


Dia Compe VC-700 Brakes:


Dia Compe PC-800 Levers:


Photos of Susan that season and on the bike during the Olympics:






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I may actually have the wheels. Came with the little goat, I think. What sort of condition are we talking about?

Edit: and thanks, DC! What a cool like thing we can do as a community!

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Very nice Chef. From what I can tell, the shifters are clear grey plastic and have yellow graphics that say ESP on them. That would mean a SRAM 1:1 actuation ratio not compatible with Shimano, and yet one photo clearly shows an XTR derailleur. Better info is really needed here.

Incidentally, Paola Pezzo was racing the event with an M952 group with V-brakes.

Sneaker man
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wouldn't the front mech be top pull?

*edit; I see there already is one so it doesn't matter then...

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I may have The Crossmax's. I sold a set to my neighbor and will see if he still has them.
They may be 97's but I will get a photo to you in the next 24hr.

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Hi All,
Just want to say "Thanks" from everyone at the US Bicycling Hall of Fame for your help in locating the vintage parts to restore Susan's Olympic bike. Dave Wiens gave us everything he could find (maybe even a few parts that weren't period-correct), and Susan was really excited about hearing that we were trying to get the bike restored.

This is such a cool project and it will be great to get such an important piece of MTB history preserved for the future. FYI - In addition to this being tax-deductible as mentioned by DoubleCentury in the original post, we'll also make sure the DeMattei exhibit lists the names of everyone that contributes parts to the project.

Thanks again!

Joe Herget
Former Executive Director (now volunteer)
U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame

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You know, this might be something to cross-post into some of the other forums, to reach those long time mountain bikers who don't frequent the VRC forum but may have the parts that are needed. Expand the gene pool, so to speak....
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