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Ran into this on NW Hikers, thought I'd pass it along. I had issues w/ mapping on there but managed to get it to work in IE. FWIW my mapping circles were... large, lol.

elockwood said:
Hello NWHikers,

My name is Ethan Lockwood and I work in partnership with the Forest Service, Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, and the East Cascades Recreation Partnership (ECRP) and we have launched a year-long recreation survey for Western Kittitas and Yakima counties to better understand where people go to recreate and what draws them to these areas. This survey will be open through January 2020 and we would love to hear from as many of you as possible about the places that are important to you in the Upper Yakima Basin (Western Kittitas and Yakima Counties). The results of this survey will help inform recreation management and priorities across the state, federal, and county land management in the Upper Yakima Basin.

The survey takes 5-10min and is available here: East Cascades Recreation Partnership

Ethan Lockwood (he/him)
Public Engagement Coordinator
[email protected]
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