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Surly tire TPI

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I haven't seen this before, Larry and Endo available in two different TPI, can't see it on Surly website, couldn't even tell you what's on my bike, and it is quite a big price difference.

Follow the link
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Over here in europe most of the webshops dont even mention what the tpa is.
But with the prices shown on this shop's webpage i am thinking of ordering an extra pair.
Freediver said:
I...couldn't even tell you what's on my bike
If you bought a complete bike from Surly or Salsa is the past six months, they are probably the cheaper 27 tpi.
This was discussed a bit here:

Something I found:

"Higher thread counts aren't always better:
According to Wheel Energy, higher thread count casings are generally lighter and suppler than tyres with lower thread counts since they absorb less rubber during the vulcanisation process (non-vulcanised tyres such as most high-end tubulars exhibit their own characteristics).

However, they also suffer from decreased puncture resistance since the individual cords are thinner and easier to cut. Interestingly, Wheel Energy claims medium-count casings (around 60tpi) may offer the best all-around performance for everyday use. As compared to 120tpi casings, they can actually roll faster and are much more resistant to cuts while often carrying just a slight weight penalty.

If cut resistance is highest of your list of priorities, 30tpi tyres are apparently the way to go but you can also expect them to be heavy and slow rolling."

I note that this is about skinny little road tires, but cheap and durable are what I'm planning on next.
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Okay, I give up, how do you tell the two tires apart other than "feel" How do I know what I am buying?

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