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I am looking to buy an anodised blue QR seat collar clamp for my Surly but have noticed that the 1x1 uses a 30mm clamp.
What are my options??
Can I make up a shim of some type so that I can then use a larger diameter clamp??
Does anyone know of a seatpost clamp manufacturer that makes anodised 30mm clamps??
Am I stuck with the standard Surly clamp??
I have checked out the usual suspects but they all seem to make 31.8mm.
I was actually looking at the Hope clamps but it too uses 31.8 or 34.9mm sizes.

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I got a 30.0mm Woodman Components seatpost clamp for my Karate Monkey, from Cambria for $6 .
it weighs 25g.
There's also a 30.0mm Salsa Lip lock in black or silver. 22g

Edit: Oops, you wanted blue ano.
They have a blue 30.0mm Rocky Mountain quick release collar on cambria. 42g. & if you flip through the dropdown menu on that, They have the bolt on version too. The weight is not listed.
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