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Hi, I really need some help, The Frame I'm currently looking at is the Surly Instigator Frame-set, I plan on building This Frame-set into an All-Mountain bike but I'm worried this frame isn't Strong enough for my body weight, I'm also worried that the frame will flex. I'm a Clydesdale with 6' 3" Tall & Under 260 pound. The type of riding I do is Aggressive XC, some fast descending, some drops, Single-tracks, and All mountain.

Do you think this frame-set is Strong enough for my weight..?

What Frame Size would you recommend with the type of riding I do...(32" in-stem) or what other 26" wheel frame-set would you recommend.. (under $600)
Does anyone have any kind of problem with this frame..?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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