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Will the Surly OD be compatible with any direct mount 3x10 speed or 2x10 speed front derailleur?

Are those 10 speed front mech compatible with the 9speed shifter that I have?
I'm going to use that front derailleur on my Krampus because that's what Surley specs and when I look at all the options it appears to be the best one for my Mr Whirly MWOD 33x22 set-up (I'm running 9 speed cassettes too). I tried a 3x frt but it's up on the seat tube interfering with the tire and really far from the chainring.

I'm using an old school thumb shifter on top of the bars, I'm not worried about indexed shifting for my front derailleur (underside is my dropper post control).

When I run a 3x frt controller with a 2x frt der I use the top two indexes (middle ring and outer ring). That seems to be the most common method and it works well for me. Also keeps me from stressing the cable by trying to force it into the 3rd index position.

I'd go to the drivetrain forum and ask a specific question there (if you can't find your solution in the 600 post sticky ;) ). All this 2x/3x, 10/9 speed frt der stuff makes my head spin. Add in the direct mount and I'm lost. I already sent one derailleur back....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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